Senior Accounting Position

General Summary:
The Senior Accountant assists in the general accounting functions of the company and subsidiary along with telecommunications revenue accounting and regulatory reporting.

General Accounting:

  • Performs monthly accounting closing functions, including posting and uploading journal entries, preparing re-occurring entries, preparing adjusting entries associated with subsidiary operations in video and broadband services.
  • Process A/P requests for payment of vendors and suppliers.
  • Reconciles general ledger balance sheets accounts monthly.
  • Analyzes revenues for accuracy of reporting and reconciliation.
  • Assists with audits.
  • Maintains all records with a strict sense of confidentiality.
  • Completes other reports, analysis, projects and activities as assigned.

Regulatory Accounting and Reporting:

  • Responsible for reports and data requests to NECA, FCC and other industry organizations, 
  • Maximizes cost recovery and accuracy in NECA reporting and cost recovery.
  • Responsible for monthly access billing and special circuit billings.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Knowledge of accounting principles and procedures with ability to manage multiple tasks to meet financial deadlines. In addition, knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel programs with excellent verbal and written communication skills is needed. 

Education and/or Experience:
Bachelor’s degree or higher in Accounting or Finance with some experience in accounting processes. More extensive experience is a plus but not required. 


Interested candidates may send a resume to Stephanie Foley, Human Resources Coordinator at

This position is full time with excellent benefits including health, dental, life, and long-term disability insurance, and a defined retirement plan, 401k with employer contributions. Not to mention paid time off benefits, discounted company services, and great coworkers in a fast-paced environment.

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So what exactly is streaming? …and why stream?

Streaming is watching TV through the Internet — a growing trend that could very well be the future of all TV.

The advantage of streaming is you can pause, save, resume, and skip when viewing. You can even binge watch an entire TV series at one sitting. You have almost unlimited options from TV shows, Movies, Music, and more — at any time.

Most streaming is provided through subscriptions with companies like Netflix, Disney, ESPN, and others. They offer ever increasing selections, and some allow you to “rent” the newest movie releases.

To stream you need fast, reliable Internet service and either a newer “smart” TV or an external device like a Roku Box, or Apple TV device. Most gaming platforms, like Microsoft’s X-box provide streaming capabilities.

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Smart Home is a general term that can refer to any number of features in a house that are Internet-enabled — with the purpose of making your life easier and your home more efficient. These can include turning on lights, monitoring security cameras, adjusting your thermostat, and much more.

The simplest to install smart home components include Internet assistants, like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, that perform simple tasks when asked by voice. These devices utilize the internet for commands like: remind me to check the oven in 30 minutes, what’s the meaning of a certain word, or, play some country music.

With additional connected devices —and fast, reliable Internet— these assistants can pre-heat your oven, unlock a door with smart locks, and even start your car on a cold day, all from the comfort of your couch. Plus, you can do all this away from home with a mobile phone or computer.

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And why would you want to?

While there is nothing wrong with paying your bills the traditional way, writing checks, stuffing envelopes, adding postage, and using the postal system, you might want to consider a faster option. Online bill pay has been around for years, and while nothing is 100% safe, today’s security and encryption for paying bills through the Internet is very robust. 

Of course, precautions are important, like never share personal information responding to unsolicited calls. Never click links from unsolicited emails or texts. Change your password periodically, and create long passwords. Use a secure network to make payments, like your home wifi, not hotels or coffee shops. 

The advantages of paying bills online include time saved, convenient access to accurate account balances, no postage costs, less paperwork, and, less paper waste.

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